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BTL (Bilateral Tubal Ligation)

Bilateral Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure for female, in which fallopian tubes being cut, tied or blocked permanently to prevent pregnancy.

Tubal ligation is a permanent method of contraception and should only be done only when female is sure for not want to get pregnant in the future. It is preferred for women who are unable to use other methods of contraception or for women who have health problems that make pregnancy unsafe. The doctor should share the risks and benefits of tubal ligation to patient as it is not for everyone.

Although major complications of tubal ligation are not common, but with any surgery, infection or wound separation may develop so it is important to keep an eye on incision after surgery.

Tubal Ligation is performed via laparoscopy.

The tubal ligation (sterilisation) is only recommended to women who completed their families and do not want to get pregnant in the future. About 18-22% of women regret having tubal ligation and 5-7% of women seek reversal because of a new partner who does not have children and wanting children in the new relationship or having lost a child. The success rate of reversal of tubal ligation is about 10%. IVF is an alternative option in such case.

Yes, female will have normal menstrual periods.

Yes, “tubal ligation reversal” is a surgical procedure performed via laparoscopy which involves untying or reconnecting the fallopian tubes.

No, patient will get menopause in later age.