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About Us

Wellspring Specialty Hospital

Wellspring Specialty Hospital is one of the leading integrated healthcare providers in ZAMBIA, located at 5452, Kariba Road, Kalundu, LUSAKA. Wellspring is a 9-bed capacity hospital with advance medical technology and experienced medical and healthcare professionals.

We are committed to provide world class medical and surgical infrastructure to the patients in Zambia and improve their quality of life, also helping them save a lot of time and money by treating them locally.

This facility was started in 2018 by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs from India with the aim of bringing in cutting edge technology and world class medical expertise to Zambia. The objective was to perform specialized and complex surgeries locally in in Zambia using robotic surgery modules, so that patients don’t have to travel abroad. This would benefit not just local patients but also the patients from nearby countries to Zambia for specialized surgeries. Not only that, but we also aimed to provide exposure and experience to local doctors and train them for performing complex laparoscopic surgeries.

We initially introduced Gynae Laparoscopic surgeries in 2015 using other medical facility/hospital and the response was overwhelming. So in 2018, we have decided to create our own hospital facility to improve patient care. In 2018, in association with Ministry of Health, we flew in a team of experienced surgeons and doctors from India and successfully performed the first ever kidney transplant surgery of Zambia at UTH, Lusaka.

We at Wellspring keep ourselves updated on latest developments and research in the field of healthcare; we strive to bring the latest medicines and treatment protocols to significantly improve patient experience.